Fuck you, nu-metal. Fuck you, "modern rock." We're taking it back to when A&R agents got paid to watch David Yow knot up his weiner and I didn't know what a titty felt like.

Nine Inch Nails: “Closer”

This song screwed me up. Then the video screwed me up worse. 

A friend of mine who was way in to metal bands that nobody else at school had heard of lent me a copy “Pretty Hate Machine” which was my first exposure to Nine Inch Nails. Either that album was tame or I just didn’t get it, but either way it failed to prepare me adequately for hearing Trent Reznor tell me he wanted to…. you know…. This was one of my earliest exposures to the unique combination of violence, sex, and religion and it was all wrapped up in a nice montage of monkey Jesus torture, strange rock gods dressed in all leather spinning in mid air, a butcher shop, dusty relics covered with spider webs, a silhouetted microphone that my teenage brain thought looked like a boob, actual boobs, and S&M. 

So there was the album, The Downward Spiral, and the song here, and the F-word and the feeling from the inside part, and then the video with all the stuff. I grew my hair, then shaved my head, then listened to Marilyn Manson, and started wearing more black, and bought all of the NIN CDs and rejected God, etc etc.How did I not turn out completely screwed up as an adult? 

Was it Weezer? It was the Weezer, wasn’t it? I knew it. 

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