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Soul For Real: “Every Little Thing I Do”

I am an unabashed lover of all R&B and rap music from the 1990s. I am not too humble to tell you I have a near Rainman-like memory for melodies, hooks, videos, guest appearances, so on and so forth. If it was on MTV Jams, I knew it. I loved Soul for Real. Who didn’t? Candy Rain? The oversized suits? The coordinated dance moves? The grooves, the hooks, the harmonies? Heavy D?! It was perfect. It captures the era and the vibe of R&B at that time. This is the stuff that I love. But as the years have worn on, I have lost some of what I remembered, despite being a part-time DJ that focuses primarily on this particular music from this particular era. To that end, I always appreciate the opportunity to rediscover songs that I had lost without even realizing it. Hearing them for the first time again is the best feeling.

Last year I went out on a first date with a girl I had just recently met. It was pretty typical as far as first dates go. We went to a show, grabbed some drinks, small talk this, small talk that, smile and laugh, try not to act nervous, don’t talk about your ex! At the bar later, there was a DJ spinning R&B from the 90s, and I sat there in my personal mini-paradise, combining some good music with a beautiful girl. It helped I had been drinking. We talked a bit about the music, I felt sly being able to recognize and identify each song that came on. We got nostalgic, talking about the time when these songs came out, I talked about being a DJ. Then the DJ started playing this song, the beginning of which I did not recognize — This was one of the songs that had faded from my memory. My date? She starts dancing in her chair just a little bit, a big smile comes across her face and she jumps in, right in time, “You. Are. On My Mind. You. Are. On My Mind.”

And with that, I was hooked. Never was there a more fitting song.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.

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