Fuck you, nu-metal. Fuck you, "modern rock." We're taking it back to when A&R agents got paid to watch David Yow knot up his weiner and I didn't know what a titty felt like.

Guns N’ Roses - “November Rain”

This has to rank as one of the top 5 pop-rock songs of the 90’s, and if you disagree I will have you stabbed. The reason I post this in such haste is because I just learned that today is the 19th anniversary of the release of “Use Your Illusion I and II”, and they were the first albums that really exposed me to the dynamic range a real rock and roll band could have outside of the garbage I had grown accustomed to from the hair bands of the 80’s at such a young age. Who cares if “Get in the Ring” made me want to be a violent little shit, these albums were important for a budding music lover to own. I wore these tapes out, and my mother was not pleased. (Thank you, Columbia House.)

Sadly, a lot of the luster these albums deserve is forever overshadowed by what’s widely agreed to be an even more seminal and important record that was released just seven days after the “Use Your Illusions” in 1991: Nirvana’s “Nevermind”

God bless Axl Rose, Slash, Izzy Stradlin, Duff McKagen, Matt Sorum, Steven Adler and Dizzy Reed. You introduced me to rock and roll as I know it, even if Nirvana stole your thunder.

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